What we can offer

Single session – Our standard 1 hour driving lesson.

Double session2 Hour driving lesson (Save £2 and time between pick-up and drop-off with our most popular lesson.


Block bookings –  Perfect for gifts for new drivers and offer the best price per lesson.  Please contact us to find out more about our block bookings. All block bookings must be pre-paid in advance.

Intensive and semi intensive coursesIdeal for people who want to learn to drive within a short period of time. Please contact us for more details.

Refresher courses – For qualified drivers who may not have driven for some time and want to freshen up their driving skills.

Motorway lessonsPerfect for more nervous drivers.

Pass Plus –  This comprises of 6 modules:

  1. Motorways.
  2. Dual-carriageways
  3. Rural/Country Roads
  4. Urban Roads
  5. All-weather driving
  6. Night Driving

The PASS PLUS course runs for 3 sessions of 2 hours, covering all 6 modules. There is no test at the end of the course. 

You could be eligible for a substantial discount from your insurance company. Please check with insurance companies for their Pass Plus discounts. 


FREE 1 Hour
 – Get a FREE lesson for every friend or family member you refer

Free Theory Test Pro – To help you study for your Theory test .

Before you begin your driving lessons, all students should be aware of the following: 

By law, you must be 17 years or older before you are entitled to drive a car on a public road. You may apply for your provisional licence up to 3 months before your 17th birthday, but you must not drive until the day of your birthday and only after you have received your driving licence. (Note: If you are disabled and receiving mobility allowance, the minimum age is 16)

A Provisional Licence is currently £34 online or £43 by post. 

The theory test consists of 2 parts. Part 1 consists of 50 multiple choice questions and Part 2 consists of 14 hazard perception clips. There is also one case study question.

The Theory Test costs £23. 

The driving test itself, will last approximately 35 to 40 minutes. It starts with an eyesight test and 2 questions on vehicle safety. This is followed by a road drive in which you need to demonstrate that you can drive competently and safely on different types of road and in different driving conditions. The test will include a 10 minute independent drive, a hill start, an angled start and either a  reverse park, turn in the road or left reverse exercise.  It may include an emergency stop. You will be continually assessed by the driving examiner during the test.

The Driving Test is currently £62.00 on weekdays and £75 for Saturdays.

The DVSA test requires a high standard of driving and a sound knowledge of the Highway Code, which you will need to show the examiner during your test.